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Important Information - Read before continuing

The living will and health care proxy generated by this website were designed to fulfill the guidelines of New York State law concerning advance directive documents. If you enter a state other than NY in the form as your address, your final document will have wording added in an attempt to be inclusive of most other state guidelines, with the exception of the states listed below. However, laws governing the format and content of documents such as these do have minor variations from state to state, and we cannot guarantee that each and every instruction that you stipulate on your form will be consistent with current laws. If any portion of your instructions is not permitted under the law in your state, the rest of your document should still apply.

Certain states require specific forms and/or specific statements to be included in their advance directive forms, and the forms generated here do not meet these requirements. These states are Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin. If you live in these states, it is best to download and fill out printed official forms which you can find here, in addition to completing our online forms.

The most significant variation in state law for these documents is about the requirements for witness signatures and/or notarization of these signatures, as well as limitations on who is permitted to sign as a witness. If you are in a state other than New York, please be sure you look over the information about requirements for your state. You can find a condensed version of these guidelines, and links to more extensive information including state-specific forms, by clicking here. This information will be available again after you print your forms in step 6.

Although state laws vary, medical and legal precedent has repeatedly favored following an individual's documented wishes, even if the forms used are not compliant with established law. However, we ask that you read our legal disclaimer in light of these issues.

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