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Health Benefits Of Serrapeptase

SilkwormIt is amazing how an insignificant silkworm can improve the health of someone suffering from pain. Serrapeptase is an enzyme extracted from the gut of a silkworm and has been found to promote health. For the last twenty-five years, it has been used widely in Asia and Europe to reduce inflammation in the human body. Its unique properties have transformed the health of many individuals. Serrapeptase benefits have been shown to be more effective than traditional medications in some instances.

It works by speeding up the breakdown of proteins that cause inflammation. It also has the unique ability to promote cardiac health by dissolving and preventing the development of plaque in the arteries as well as preventing dangerous blood clots from forming. It can literally prevent a heart attack or stroke. Dr. Nieper a research scientist, discovered that Serrapeptase’s outstanding properties reduced plaque, fat, and cholesterol debris that is associated with the cause of atherosclerosis thus promoting normal heart functioning.

In nature, this enzyme eats a hole in the protective cocoon when the silkworm has transformed into a butterfly so that it can be released safely and fly away. It’s distinctive ability to dissolve only non-living tissue is incredible. Nature gave us an unbelievable natural remedy to correct many conditions. For more information, go to Facebook Page

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Use Serrapeptase To Improve Health

serrapeptase2Serratiopeptidase or more commonly called Serrapeptase is an enzyme discovered in silkworms. This enzyme is extracted from the intestines of a silkworm to digest the mulberry leaves that comprise their diet. Additionally, when the silkworm is transformed into a moth, it must leave the cocoon. The enzyme Serrapeptase eats through or dissolves an area of the cocoon to create a hole for the moth to escape safely.

Europe and Japan have used Serrapeptase in clinical settings for years to eliminate inflammation in the human body. Initially folk medicine in these countries used this enzyme to dissolve dead tissue in the human body.  One outstanding quality of Serrapeptase is that it does not harm living tissue. In Germany, Serrapeptase is used and considered a standard medicine. In the 1970’s, Dr. Hans Napier, cleared blocked arteries in his patients with this enzyme. He also noted that Serrapeptase dissolved cysts, blood clots, inflammation, and arterial blockages, as well a removing arterial plaque in the arteries. But the most outstanding quality of Serrapeptase is the fact that it does not have any side effects or suppress the immune system. This amazing natural product is effective, safe, and inexpensive. It is well worth your time to discuss its benefits with your health care provider to determine if it is right for you. Go to for additional information.

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